Reminiscing about palm Springs pool days

Reminiscing about long poolside days of fun in the sun with friends at this lovely Palm Springs Airbnb. I can’t believe it’s been a year of pandemic already. There’s a lot of things I miss, but perhaps nothing more then house full of kids and friends and laughter. I hope we can get back there soon!

There is no place more relaxing than Palm Springs, and no rental home more beautiful than Soukie Kasbah! The owners, Kenya and Taib, have Soukie Modern– a Moroccan rug shop in town, and this place is full of their uniquely beautiful finds- which make you feel like you’re about as close to being in a Moroccan riad as you’re gonna get in the continental US.

Taib is Moroccan, and he explained to me that Marrakech and Palm Springs share the same latitude, which may explain the two cities similarities- warm desert climates with lush palm trees and mountain views. Someday I’ll go to Morocco, but in the meantime I will be real happy with a trip back to Palm Springs! This trip was in 2018 and I can’t believe how much tinier Prairie was- check my stories to see her learning to play backgammon. #airbnbpartner

Desert getaways

If this year has got you feeling the need for a peaceful escape, a trip to the desert may be just what the doctor ordered. Fall and Spring are lovely seasons for a desert getaway due to their mild temperatures- with warm days perfect for exploring, and chilly evenings perfect for star gazing by a campfire. Here’s a round-up of dreamy desert Airbnbs worthy of your next road trip. 


I figured I should start in PS & JT- both because it’s an area that is close to my heart, and because it is such an easy weekend trip from San Diego or LA. Palm Springs and Joshua Tree have very different vibes, but they are both a lot of fun in their own way!

Palm Springs is all about the retro kitsch and this house is such a fun example of a modern twist on Palm Springs style. I could hang out here drinking cocktails in that cute hottub all day!

Dazey Desert House

Joshua Tree is a place for appreciating the splendor of nature and whether you’d prefer to do prefer to do that with friends and family the backyard of a dream home or one long days spent hiking and exploring in the park, there are plenty of cool airbnb options to choose from here.

These houses are spacious and well decorated for a group trip, and the airstream is a great option for an intimate glamping trip:


Hacienda in the High Desert

Modern Airstream


I’m dying to get out to visit Big Bend in West Texas to explore the Chihuahuan desert! Whenever I do go I sure hope to stay in one of these dreamy casitas!

Willow House


I had never really heard much about Arizona prior to moving here, and I think that must go for a lot of people- because this state is full of amazing places to check out and most of them are free of the crowds that are ubiquitous in California! I am just starting to explore the aptly nicknamed “Sunset State”, so what follows is my wishlist of unique and interesting Airbnbs in areas I have either visited, or am hoping to!


A wonderful place for aquatic adventures with long days spent swimming, sunning, and boating, Lake Powell also boasts some incredible hikes nearby- like the iconic Antelope Canyon! While exploring this area, I’d opt for one of these cool earth houses:

Shash Dine


Visiting the Grand Canyon is the iconic family road trip! And within a couple hours of it are a couple of Arizona’s hippest towns – Flagstaff and Sedona. I haven’t made it to this area yet, but when I do, these spots are on my wishlist!

tiny houses with big vibes:

Sedona’s Open Heart Tiny Glamping Cabin

On The Edge

or, for a group- this sweet dome:

Home Sweet Dome


Come hike amongst the giants, giant saguaro cactus that is! As the innkeeper I may be a bit biased but in my opinion, there’s no better place to stay as your Saguaro basecamp then JTH Tucson! The only issue is that once you get here, you may find yourself too relaxed to leave the grounds. Here’s a couple of my personal favorite suites, but really you can’t go wrong:

Agave Suite (for sunset views)

Ocotillo Suite (family friendly)


It’s a 2 hour drive from Tucson, and you can stop to explore Sonoita (Arizona’s wine country) along the way. Bisbee is a beautiful, historic cliffside mining town turned artist colony. And accordingly the accommodations in Bisbee are creative and eclectic:

High Road House

Object Bisbee

There’s so much to explore in Arizona, these fun Airbnb’s are just a few of the many destinations awaiting you on your AZ road trip! Did I miss your favorite spot? Please comment with any recommendations!

Easy Early-Spring Style

Sponsored by SeaVees

Wearing the Seavees Ocean Park Mule in Camel

At this point in my life, I just simply don’t have time for anything that doesn’t make me feel good- both mentally and physically good. I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel on caring about feeling stylish. But for me to add an item to my closet, it needs to be comfortable, well made & practical too.

As winter turns to Spring here in the hi-desert, my family has been feeling ready to get out and about to enjoy the simple pleasures of our desert home! We love to spend our afternoons cruising in our van, Goldie, and looking for new spots to explore. We like to wander around and search for desert animals coming out of their winter hiding places. We stop and listen for birds, spot lizards sunning on rocks, and watch jackrabbits scurry by. If we get real lucky, we may even spot a desert tortoise!

For this casual afternoon outing, I wanted to dress comfortably so I could spend the afternoon running around with my daughter with no worries. My kaftan was made by one of my favorite local shops- Shop on the Mesa, and I paired it with my new SeaVees mules. Started in 1964, SeaVees is based in Santa Barbara, where they maintain that classic California cool even today. I love that they’re comfortable and casual yet sophisticated, and I love the thoughtful way they’re produced- in small batches, at a family owned factory in China that pays fair wages, and strives to use environmentally friendly materials.


Desert Summer Dressing (with Melijoe)

Even though we’ve lived Joshua Tree for almost 4 years now, we feel a bit of nerves approaching the super hot summer months every year.

Dressing for the desert summer can be a bit tricky, so I am excited to have partnered up with Melijoe to share some of our of tips for summer dressing as well as some of our favorite pieces from


The climate here is pretty extreme, and right now is the beginning of our summer, which means the days are pretty hot and nights can be quite cold. We love to spend time outdoors, so we always have to remember to bring layers!

Prairie and I had a lot of fun choosing a few looks from Melijoe’s summer collection. Once everything arrived (I couldn’t believe how quickly it shipped), I thought it’d be fun to test drive some of the pieces on a little adventure, (and of course we stopped to capture some pictures along the way)!

Our whole family loves nothing more then packing a quick picnic, piling up into our 71 VW bus Goldie, and going for a cruise through Joshua Tree National Park. We drive around until we find a beautiful spot (there are plenty to choose from!), then pull over for some rock scrambling and exploration. It’s important that Prairie’s clothes are breathable and functional, since she plays hard outdoors. So we always choose durable pieces and natural materials, like these too cute Chloe mini me cropped jeans.



The perfect end to our perfect day is having a snack and drink in our bus while we watch the sun set! When the sun goes down the temperature drops fass, so we always have a lightweight sweater on hand. Once the sun dips below the horizon, it’s time for us to say goodnight and head home to bed.





Alaska Travel Diary

This July, my friend got married in Alaska, & we decided to extend the trip by traveling around the Kenai peninsula for a couple of weeks. It was absolutely one of the most beautiful and memorable trips of my life and I am excited to share some of my favorite destinations and some of the beautiful photos we captured too!

When planning our trip, I had a hard time finding places that felt like “us”. A lot of the vibe of the area seems to be hunting and fishing related, with lotsa red & green plaid and chainsaw bears. But honestly, at the end of the day, the natural beauty that surrounds you in Alaska is so overwhelmingly jaw droppingly amazing, that who cares where ya sleep and eat? But still, there were a few places we found that definitely had our vibe, and those are the ones I will highlight.

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Baby shower gifting

I feel like everyone I know is currently expecting or has a brand new baby. That excitement combined with my love of shopping and gift giving, has got the topic of baby gifts on my mind in a big way.

I have heard lots of theories on baby shower gift giving etiquette-  Like some people say give gifts for the mom, because the baby will be getting so much stuff, it is important not to leave her out. Some people recommend getting practical gifts for the baby, things everyone needs like plain white onesies & diapers. Some people want to throw practicality out of the window and just get super fun gifts for the baby. Basically there’s no one fits all answer for the perfect baby gift, but it’s still fun to try! I mean seriously, is there anything better then shopping for teensy tiny baby clothes?!

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Summer Road-Trip Prep

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that my family recently bought a ’71 VW camper bus which we named Goldie. We have been working hard to get her road trip ready so we can beat the desert heat this August with a trip up to Northern California. I have so many fond memories of driving with my parents from my childhood home of Georgia each summer to visit our relatives in New England- I am excited to create some memories and traditions of our own!

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