Baby shower gifting

I feel like everyone I know is currently expecting or has a brand new baby. That excitement combined with my love of shopping and gift giving, has got the topic of baby gifts on my mind in a big way.

I have heard lots of theories on baby shower gift giving etiquette-  Like some people say give gifts for the mom, because the baby will be getting so much stuff, it is important not to leave her out. Some people recommend getting practical gifts for the baby, things everyone needs like plain white onesies & diapers. Some people want to throw practicality out of the window and just get super fun gifts for the baby. Basically there’s no one fits all answer for the perfect baby gift, but it’s still fun to try! I mean seriously, is there anything better then shopping for teensy tiny baby clothes?!

I remember when I was pregnant with Prairie, all I wanted was artisan made knit rompers and wooden play gyms. My mother-in-law, who is wonderfully practical, recommended I just ask everyone for diapers. But I was horrified by the boringness of that idea.

As a seasoned mom with almost 3 years under my belt, I can now appreciate her practicality. Everyone needs some type of diapering system, and it ain’t cheap. So my current baby shopping motto is to include a pack of diapers and/or wipes in with your gift. Then mom and baby get both something fun, and something practical that they are guaranteed to actually use and appreciate. As you guys may know, I have recently become an ambassador for Pampers Pure line – I am obsessed with how soft and absorbent the diapers are, and the thoughtfully selected materials chosen to make the line make me feel comfortable using them on baby’s super sensitive skin. I am excited to show off my experienced-mom know how, by gifting this line to all the new moms in my life!

Luckily for all of living rurally or who are just lazy shoppers- Pampers Pure is available to order online from Target. (You can pick them up in store too). And if you want to get the whole gift in one swoop, you can pick up plenty of other shower gifts from Target too.

IMG_7977 2

IMG_7972 2

Here’s my personal go-to gift: a cute basket (reusable!) filled with little treats for baby and mom. I like to include the diapers & wipes, a cute stuffy, plus some organic muslin swaddles, burp clothes, and washcloths, along with a bottle of wine and a nice candle for mom! I also like to use a book for a card, it’s nice for the family and saves the waste of a card. Our family go to is “I am a Bunny” as we read it to Prairie every night for bed, so it’s super sentimental to us.

Oh and just for fun … Here’s my big-girl-baby rocking her Pampers Pure diaper while wearing the little jeans vest she inherited from her dad, and riding the vintage rocking horse I received as a shower gift:

IMG_7980 2

IMG_7982 2


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