Desert Summer Dressing (with Melijoe)

Even though we’ve lived Joshua Tree for almost 4 years now, we feel a bit of nerves approaching the super hot summer months every year.

Dressing for the desert summer can be a bit tricky, so I am excited to have partnered up with Melijoe to share some of our of tips for summer dressing as well as some of our favorite pieces from


The climate here is pretty extreme, and right now is the beginning of our summer, which means the days are pretty hot and nights can be quite cold. We love to spend time outdoors, so we always have to remember to bring layers!

Prairie and I had a lot of fun choosing a few looks from Melijoe’s summer collection. Once everything arrived (I couldn’t believe how quickly it shipped), I thought it’d be fun to test drive some of the pieces on a little adventure, (and of course we stopped to capture some pictures along the way)!

Our whole family loves nothing more then packing a quick picnic, piling up into our 71 VW bus Goldie, and going for a cruise through Joshua Tree National Park. We drive around until we find a beautiful spot (there are plenty to choose from!), then pull over for some rock scrambling and exploration. It’s important that Prairie’s clothes are breathable and functional, since she plays hard outdoors. So we always choose durable pieces and natural materials, like these too cute Chloe mini me cropped jeans.



The perfect end to our perfect day is having a snack and drink in our bus while we watch the sun set! When the sun goes down the temperature drops fass, so we always have a lightweight sweater on hand. Once the sun dips below the horizon, it’s time for us to say goodnight and head home to bed.





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