jewelry for the minimalist

I’ve talked before about how I felt the need to makeover my wardrobe after becoming a mother and moving to the desert, but one thing I hadn’t really ever figured out is jewelry. “My jewelry personality” so to speak. Pre-kiddo I used to love to wear big statement pieces, but honestly I haven’t worn much besides my wedding band these past few years. The few things I have purchased in this time I need really reach for.

So when Jewel Street reached out to me and offered me a piece of jewelry of my choosing, I was both excited and also confused. This would be my first piece of fine jewelry that wasn’t either inherited or my engagement/wedding ring. This would be a piece of my own to pass on to Prairie someday! I love the idea of an heirloom piece, but what heirloom piece style am I?? Big and bold? Timeless and chic? Modern? Simple? Boho?? Ahh, so many decisions to make!

After countless hours virtually window shopping, (they have A LOT of AMAZING indie designers to explore) I discovered the lovely work of Uma K. Which is funny, because they feature  designers from all over the world- but somehow I found and fell in love with the work of a free-spirited California girl! I guess I officially love the Cali-cool style, what can I say? Just like the clothing I gravitate too, my jewelry should be simple but sumptuous- it all seems so obvious to me now.

Anyhow, I chose this 14 karat gold infinity ring. Uma K’s pieces have an air of mysticism about them, which is very Joshua Tree to me and just feels right for this chapter of my life. I truly love the symbology behind the infinity ring that I chose. I love how simple it is, yet how special. Another really cool thing about Uma K is that she makes some of her pieces in Brass too, so here’s a more affordable version of the same shape.


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some thoughts on instagram influencing

So a while back I shared an instagram post about how my family now earns money from my account & thanked everyone for following along and supporting us. I know folks can get irritated by sponsored posts, so I wanted to remind everyone that I am a real person who spends a lot of time on this platform, and part of the pay-off for me being able to earn some income from it. There was a lot of questions & curiosity about the world of social media “influencing” (that word makes me seriously uncomfortable) so I promised a blog post.  It is a big topic that I kind of don’t even know how to dive into, hence why I’ve procrastinated writing this, but I’m giving it a shot.


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making time for me-time

My life is pretty dreamy these days. (I have a national park for a backyard. I get to stay home with my darling daughter while also pursuing my own career goals. My husband is a wonderful partner. I am surrounded each day with love and beauty.)

But as much as I can acknowledge how incredibly lucky I am, I must also admit that sometimes I do not handle full-time parenting of a toddler with grace. I get stressed and irritated and snap at her and at my husband. I don’t want to be a parent who raises her voice at her sweet little boundary-exploring daughter, and I don’t want to be a passive-aggressive partner. I’m working on becoming more mindful, & one way I’m doing so is by integrating time for meditation and breath work in my day.

I have been using the Inscape app for my daily practice. It has guided meditations & breathing tools that I can access anytime I need a break. Inscape has a bunch of different “moments” like Conquering Deadlines, Facing an Audience, & Instant Stress Relief that you can choose to explore. When you open the app, it’ll make a suggestion for you based on time of day- like Energetic Morning, Upbeat Afternoon, or a Tranquil Evening session for example. It also allows the user to choose the length of the practice, which is a really cool feature. I like having the ability  to do quick 3 minute session for cooling down emotions, or to really take some time to dig deep and indulge myself in something longer. I particularly love the 20 minute gratitude session, which helps me to reflect on all the things in my life I am grateful for.

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A little guide to ethical gifts for littles

This year I’ve partnered with our friends at Wild Dill to show you guys a few of my favorite gift ideas for the littles on your list.

  1. Winter Water Factory x Amelie Mancini Cactus Print Dress  We are huge Winter Water Factory fans around here. This line features the cutest prints handprinted on cozy organic cotton fabric, manufactured in the USA. Their newest collab with one of my fav artists Amelie Mancini, has to be my favorite print yet! The cactus pajamas are next on my wishlist!
  2. Oli and Carol Broccoli This is another brand that I am a long time fan of. I love that Oli and Carol  products are made of natural Hevea rubber, when Prairie was a baby I felt comfortable with her teething on them. Another genius thing about this line is that they have no holes, so littles can bring them in the bath without water (and mildew and mold) getting trapped inside. I also love that these toys that can grow with the child- now that she’s a toddler, Prairie loves to “feed” the rubber foods to her baby dolls.
  3. BebeMoss Rabbit  The BebeMoss line is new to me, I discovered it on Wild Dill’s website and immediately was drawn to the classic aesthetic. When I found out each doll is knitted by Syrian refugees in Istanbul, well then my heart was completely captured. What a lovely way to give a keepsake gift to a child while supporting a truly worthy cause!


Cool New Product Alert: Closca Bottle + App

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Between living in the desert and breast feeding, I pretty much feel like I can never stay on top of drinking enough water. And that bothers me, because I am a huge believer in the restorative powers of hydration. I was recently thinking of ways to increase my water intake, and wishing there was some easy way to drink water on the go without having to fish my water bottle out of my bag. I thought of getting some sort of camel back, but I don’t like to drink out of plastic- especially here in Joshua Tree, where temps get so hot it can cause all kinds of stuff to leach into the water. I’d been thinking and thinking about what to do, when the answer serendipitously dropped into my lap (isn’t it funny how it always seems to happen this way?). My friend introduced me to the kickstarter campaign for Closca Bottle + App and it is all my water bottle dreams come true. It is made of borosilicate glass (one of the strongest and toughest glasses available fyi, for clumsy folks like me) with a silicone sleeve that hooks to your backpack (or stroller, or bike, or purse, or whatever) for easy on the go access!  They kindly sent me a bottle to try out. I have been using it about two weeks now, and it’s truly the answer to all my #hydrationproblems. So I am super excited to be partnering with Closca to help spread the word.

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my living room facelift!

When we bought our home, a big part of what appealed to us about it was the charm factor. It’s a 1958 brick homestead cabin (with an addition that makes it a 2.5 bedroom) and it came with two 50 year saguaros in the front yard! There’s lots of other vintage charm too, like beautiful exposed beam high ceilings. But unfortunately, although it was very recently renovated- the contractors that worked on it had much different taste then we do and they essentially turned this unique little gem into a boring Home Depot showroom.

Because of our (extremely) limited budget we’ve decided to focus attention first on the living room & I wanted to give you guys a progress peek! I’m calling it a “facelift” versus a “renovation” because there’s so much I’d love to do, like knock down walls and install windows, but for now (due to that darn budget) we are keeping things more surface level.


My lovely friend and super talented photographer Merrill was over recently shooting a story about me for Noble Carriage and I asked if she would take some shots of the living room too, and lovely human that she is – she obliged! Thank you Merrill!


Okay so here’s the current state of the living room! So mad at myself for not remembering to take many before pictures, but this should give you an idea:

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achieving excellent mom style in 5 easy steps

I once read that motherhood is a process of slowly letting go. You transition from those infant days where your baby is totally dependent you and you control every aspect of their environment, to toddlerhood where they gain a measure of independence and start making some choices on their own, on to childhood, and teenager-hood (is that even a word??) and eventually adulthood.  Basically as a mom I think the goal is just prepare them to fly the from nest the best you can and hope they make it into adulthood healthily and happily.


I am currently in the bittersweet stage where my own little baby transitions from babyhood to toddlerhood (she just turned two). I really truly loved every second of Prairie’s babyhood, but one thing I am enjoying about toddlerhood is that I am starting to care more about myself again. For me, this mental leap started about when she turned one. Honestly, for the first year of her life I was just wrapped in lack of sleep, hormones, & love and I didn’t give much thought to anything else. (Clearly, everybody is different so I am only speaking to my own experience here.) Anyhow, when I eventually came down off of that newborn emotional roller coaster I was ready to start caring about myself again, and part of that was caring about my style. (Of course, caring for yourself and your interests outside of motherhood extends way beyond your style choices, but in this post that is the aspect I am focusing on).

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1 look 4 ways

One of my favorite things about my foray into instagramming and blogging has been the opportunity to support women who are doing cool things. So needless to say, I am beyond excited about this project I just did with 3 of my favorite bloggers- Paige (@paigechristensen), Erin (@calivintage), and Melissa (@melissasonico), styling looks from the Pre-Fall collection by one of my favorite (woman owned, made in the US brands) – Esby Apparel.


We all wore different color combos of the Rose Top (mine is Tomato) and Lucia Seamed Ankle Pants (mine are Camel) from Esby.

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