What to Do (Part 3 of Joshua Tree travel guide)

first of all you should go hiking, duh (bring water)

When in Joshua Tree, there’s nothing better than exploring the great outdoors and communing with mother nature, and the very best place to do just that is Joshua Tree National Park. There are two entrances to the park on this side: one is in 29 Palms, and the other is in Joshua Tree. Pick an entrance, and drive the route that connects to the other entrance. Stop along the way anywhere that catches your eye to boulder or hike – you can’t go wrong. If you have time, divert from your route a bit and visit the Cholla Cactus Garden, you’ll see acres and acres of teddy bear cacti and meet the friendliest little ground squirrels! If you have more time, escape the crowds and go for a longer hike, some favorites include 49 Palms Oasis, Lost Horse Mine, and Keys View.

You may also want to visit one of three new National Monuments (designated by President Obama on February 11, 2016): Sand to Snow, Castle Mountains, and Mojave Trails.

Wherever you choose to hike, don’t forget to bring lots of water and a sweater with you, temperatures are prone to change quickly and dramatically in the desert.

maybe check out some art

There is an amazing art scene here! Standouts include Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum as well as the other High Desert Test Sites. Galleries dot Highway 62 and each is a gem, but for a truly unique experience don’t miss the World Famous Crochet Museum! Or drive out to Salvation Mountain!

get a sound bath


Located in Landers (near La Copine and Moonwind Trading Company, so make an afternoon of it!), this is a wooden dome that supposedly has magical properties because of it’s design and location on a “powerful geomagnetic vortex.” Whether or not you will have a psychic experience or communicate with aliens I cannot guarantee. But it is most definitely relaxing and not to be missed, a uniquely Joshua Tree experience!

go shopping

my fav shops that showcase local artisans: Shop on the Mesa, BKB Ceramics, Moonwind Trading Company

my fav vintage shopsThe End, Moss & Ginger, & a personal favorite quirky desert shopping experience of mine is to browse the Sky Village Swap Meet (make sure and stop by the Crystal Cave while you are there).

my fav dig your own cactus emporiums (okay there is only one of these): Cactus Mart


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Thanks for following along! Did I miss any thing? Got questions? Lemme know below, or shoot me an email!

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