Reminiscing about palm Springs pool days

Reminiscing about long poolside days of fun in the sun with friends at this lovely Palm Springs Airbnb. I can’t believe it’s been a year of pandemic already. There’s a lot of things I miss, but perhaps nothing more then house full of kids and friends and laughter. I hope we can get back there soon!

There is no place more relaxing than Palm Springs, and no rental home more beautiful than Soukie Kasbah! The owners, Kenya and Taib, have Soukie Modern– a Moroccan rug shop in town, and this place is full of their uniquely beautiful finds- which make you feel like you’re about as close to being in a Moroccan riad as you’re gonna get in the continental US.

Taib is Moroccan, and he explained to me that Marrakech and Palm Springs share the same latitude, which may explain the two cities similarities- warm desert climates with lush palm trees and mountain views. Someday I’ll go to Morocco, but in the meantime I will be real happy with a trip back to Palm Springs! This trip was in 2018 and I can’t believe how much tinier Prairie was- check my stories to see her learning to play backgammon. #airbnbpartner

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